Home Quality Assurance

The quality policy has been firmly anchored in our corporate policy. 

We want to offer our customers products and services of the highest benefit. That is why we have introduced the tools for a job-related quality management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001. 
This system comes with every order for the application. 

We pursue the ongoing goal of producing better products at the lowest deviations. 
Our staff in production and management have undertaken undertaken to apply this quality management system systematically, so that we can cover in the interest of our customers. 

Our Control procedure involves the following steps: 
  • Incoming inspection of materials 
  • First Order: Initial sample and Test report of initial sample for production release by the customer 
  • Production Control: Permanent monitoring of all manufacturing steps in the production 
  • final inspection of the goods by a 100% - test all parts. 
  • Control of all critical dimensions, thread, surfaces, etc. 
  • Each step is documented in the test report. 

Upon request we also can make special test and test routines which are specified by our customers,  and confirmed by the corresponding certificates. 
Trained staff pay attention to the meticulous production step that quality rules are keeped. 
Only finest quality products leave our company. 

YOUR BENEFITS: German quality at Chinese prices! 

Contact Us

Add: Room 1005, Building 9, No. 99, Tianzhou Road, Shanghai 200233, China
Post code: 200233
Tel: 0086-21-64272678
Fax: 0086-21-34241866
[email protected]
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