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Blanks we buy from other suppliers. We have for it suitable, qualified suppliers.

We can make parts of the following materials:

GG - Cast iron with lamellar graphite according to DIN EN 1563 in the qualities
GG 20 up to GG 40
GGG - Ductile iron according to DIN EN 1563 in the qualities GGG 40 up to GGG 70
Malleable cast iron according to DIN EN 1562 in the qualities GTW and GTS.

Other alloys on request.

Weight areas: 0,010 – 10,000 kg

Procedure: Sand casting, wax – lost casting, polystyrene – lost casting

Treatment: the material-typical thermal treatment is accomplished.

The parts can be mechanically further worked on after arrangement, surface treated, installed and packed.

For further information you can use in the respective areas.

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