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We produce technical injection moulding parts (main thermoplastics, rubber etc.) of all kinds according to  your specifications.
We provide the necessary tools in our tool shop.
We process usual materials. Used materials are:

- imported materials
- Materials of the well-known international manufacturers (nearly all produce also in China).
- Materials of Chinese manufacturers (partly the price is very interesting with in the meantime good quality).

Weight ranges: shot weights from 0,001 - 2.7 kg
Equipment: Closing forces 20 t - 570 t
Lot sizes: We produce also in smaller lot sizes for the engines and plant construction.
Especially through our low tool prices also smaller quantities count themselves.

The parts can be further machined, surface-treated, assembled and packed.

Quality control:
The required checks and measuring facilities including measuring engines are available.
The production gets monitored constantly. All parts are checked after completion to 100%. More detailed information about this you can find at the page for the quality.

Contact Us

Add: Room 1005, Building 9, No. 99, Tianzhou Road, Shanghai 200233, China
Post code: 200233
Tel: 0086-21-64272678
Fax: 0086-21-34241866
[email protected]
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