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If you sell your products in China or you buy parts, assembly groups or products from China, we can offer you the following activities: 

Production of your individual parts and assemblies 

- If we do not themselves produce, we are looking for suitable suppliers. 

- Settlement of deliveries of subcontractors 

- assembling of your products 

- Quality control and testing of parts, assemblies and products

- Packaging 

- Storage of parts, assemblies and products and delivery in time

- Shipping your goods in China 

- Export of your goods in Asia

- Commissioning, maintenance and repair your equipment and facilities for yours customers in China

Location: Shanghai 


Your commitment in China becomes more manageable and better calculable. 

Your production and logistics costs will be reduced. 

Shortening of the delivery times 

We guarantee quality according to European standards. 

We guarantee that your know-how isn’t passed to third parties.

If you are interested in an inexpensive and qualitatively high-quality solution, send us please your inquiries. 

Gladly we compile a suggestion for you.

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